August 13, 2015

Siem Reap 2015

My spending for our Siem Reap trip in June 2015..

Day 1:
Buns n sweets, KLIA2 - RM7
Breakfast at Quizinn, KLIA2 - RM14.85
Texas Chicken, KLIA2 - RM13.75
Airport tips - USD10
Drinks n snacks - usd3.30
Angkor Wat entrance fee per adult - Usd20
Little Italy - Usd21
The North face - usd60

Day 2:
3 Scarfs, 2 pants n t-shirt at Ta Keo temple - usd11
Lily Restaurants - usd4
Slipper - usd3
Lily restaurant - usd8
Keychains - usd3
Pub Bar - usd14

Day 3:
Drinks n snacks - usd3.50
Triangle bar - usd8.75

Day 4:
Souvenirs at Old market - usd17 + usd51
Blue Pumpkin cafe - usd10.10 + usd2.50
Dragon fruit shake - usd1
Red Piano restaurant - usd30

Day 5:
Airport Transfer - USD10
Airport tips - RM10

  1. Food in Siem Reap is a bit blend to me, but the drinks are too sweet. 
  2. Hygiene, looks ok, but saw 2 huge mouse at the back of the shophouse nearby Apsara Hotel, the biggest mouse I ever see!
  3. People are usually very friendly, which make us felt obligate to give some tips, maybe due to our 1st experience at airport checkpoint.
  4. Generally things here are very similar to  Krabi, Thailand
  5. No western food franchise, meaning no KFC, McD, Starbuck or whatsover.
  6. You can find RHB atm in Pub Street area, and I saw a Maybank atm at the airport, so no problem for Malaysian to take out some extra cash.


Sharon D said...

This is great! I should keep track of my expenses too.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Sharon, I try to keep my expenses for my future reference n planning. Plus some fren/family normally asked how much I spend for my trip. Hope this will be useful for them too.

suituapui said...

Good to keep track and not simply spend...spend...spend... One advantage, of course, this is one of the cheaper holiday destinations unlike a lot fo other places.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Suitaupui, yes we normally choose a 'cheaper' destination for now. Money not enough yet. But then again the MYR so weak now, many destination become expensive liao.