July 15, 2015

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap | Day 1

We went to buy the tickets around 5pm.  We bought 2 adult tickets for the next day at USD20 each.

This is the ticket booth, go to the back of the booth if you want to purchase a single day tickets, the front booth is for 3 or 7 days tickets.

After 5pm you can enter the temple for free.  So we went to catch the sunset at Angkor Wat.
From the ticket booth to Angkor Wat, you will pass by these beautiful scenery..  People picnic along the moat.
The sky was beautiful n blue that evening.
Not too many people around the pond, very nice location for photoshots.  But the smell (maybe from the pond) was quite unbearable.

Emmett at Angkor Wat

Eugene at Angkor Wat

Daddy at Angkor Wat

Mummy at Angkor Wat

Us at Angkor Wat

Ok, sun is down, visiting time is over.  Lets go back, tomorrow we shall come again.

To be cont Angkor Wat, Siem Reap | Day 2


Coffee Girl said...

after 5pm is free? that's nice, but who goes there after 5pm?

Ez Vina said...

Free utk 1 jam jak. The best time to see Angkor is during sunset or sunrise. Masa ya la penuh org di sia, tangkap gambar pun kacak n kurang panas banding tgh hari, obviously lah. But I missed the sunrise, malas mok bgn awal.