July 7, 2015

Fresh fruit shake, Siem Reap

I had lots of these fresh dragon fruit shake while in Siem Reap.  Its tasty, its cheap.  Medium size cost USD1.

It is basically, fruit, ice cube, condensed milk, sugar syrup, and just blend it all together, yummy.

It can be very sweet, so you need to mention less sugar or no sugar at all coz there's already sweet from the condensed milk and the fruit is sweet by itself.

These are some of the photos that I took at the juice cart.

1. Dragon shake #1
This juice cart is somewhere near Pub Bar, BB Angkor night market.

2. Dragon shake #2
This juice cart is at the opposite of Red Piano restaurant, Pub street.  Walking distance from Aspara Central Hotel.

3. Dragon shake #3

From the same cart as shake #2.  Since it is so near to our hotel, we went there again for a 2nd helping.

Juice cart #1 wins in terms of cleanliness.


Sharon D said...

Best thing to have in hot weather too. :)

Ez Vina said...

Indeed, Sharon. And healthy too, I hope.