July 10, 2015

The Red Piano, Siem Reap

This restaurant opened in 2000, they serves Cambodia, Western, Belgian food.
Most importantly, this is The restaurant where Angelina Jolie hangout while filming Tomb Raider.

Actually this restaurant was not in my itinerary, but since the location is so strategically located at the main junction of Pub Street, you just cannot miss it, and it does have it own attraction.

We went there not just once but twice.  Once for afternoon tea break and another for dinner on the next day.

For our tea break..
The menu and the ambiance on the ground floor.  Angelina Jolie was here 15 years ago, but the 'heat' is still remains.

We had Khmer soup noodle, smoked salmon and carbonara - the carbonara is too sweet, sugar in carbonara?! Hmm

For our dinner..
We were seated upstairs since the ground floor were packed.  So this is where the Red Piano is stationed!

We had pork chop with blue cheese sauce, chicken fingers, and carbonara, this time the carbonara is even sweeter, Eugene can't even finished it.

Overall, food are ok, but the service can be better especially during dinner when it is full house. 


Rose said...

The food looks good.

Coffee Girl said...

Angelina looks so hot! patutlah 'heat' still on :D