July 23, 2015

Furama City Centre Hotel, Singapore

This is the worst hotel ever because there's no free wifi in the room.

Ok, I am kidding about the worst hotel, but not kidding about no free wifi, not even in the lobby area! What century are we living in?  We had a hi-speed unlimited internet access in our little Siem Reap hotel, helloo.
The lobby
The room

View from my room
The washroom
When there's no internet access, you need to study the map, manually.
What?! No movie channel?  Huhu.. dah la sorang2, takde channel best plak tu.

Other than the internet, the rest of the quality are all there.  Room are spacious for Singapore standard.  Location is great too, many food option, shopping area and most importantly, easy access to Chinatown MRT station - ada bumbung, takyah risau hujan or panas, sesuai untuk yang ada anak-anak kecil.

Senang je nak solve masalah internet pun, just get 1 of these packages:
M1 - sd5 for 1g data (3 days)
SingTel - sd15 100g data (7 days)
Berpatutan kan? Cuma malas nak tukar simcard je la.


Rose said...

Gosh! How to survive without internet!!! I feel you.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Maybe they want u to really really enjoy your holiday instead of looking at your phone or laptop.