August 7, 2015

Noodle Descendent, Padungan

Long time did not have this Bishop gate noodle, the last we had these was in 2011.

This is our 1st visit since they moved to this new place in Padungan; they are using the new branding now called Noodle Descendent (since 1957)
There's people waiting for the seats, as usual
I don't see any sense of urgently in them
making the noodle, all seems slow n steady, while the customer were either having sleepy eye or pretending to be busy on their phone during the long wait.
slow n steady noodle in the making
We had to stand for about 20 min, got our seats and waited again for another 40 minutes..
Our drinks
Finally, the famous descendent noodle
And the bill for 2 persons.
I will only come back again if I really-really crave for it; else I will go elsewhere to get my mix pork dose, minus the waiting hour.


Sharon D said...

Phew! What a long wait! But it certainly looks yummy. ^.^

Barbara Stephen said...

sebab ia aku sik pergi juak wpun boleh dikata di belakang opis jak.

suituapui said...

Been there, done that. I did not have to wait that long though. Went around 8 - they said go even earlier, would be pretty fast.