August 23, 2015

In my kitchen #35

Butter chicken

Baby kailan

Dabai from Sibu.  The one in red bowl cost RM26/kg, in cream bowl RM20/kg.  Both are yummy, but the RM26 are bigger and creamier.

Pulut panggang from Sibu and chicken curry from a can.

Thanks Mdm S for the Sibu delicacies!


Sharon D said...

Sedapnye ....the first thing I will do if I travel to Sarawak, is buy myself a bag of dabai!

suituapui said...

Of course, the more expensive the nicer!!! Missus about RM20 a kg and she would not try the samples at the market, said very dirty. In the end, we threw it all away - not nice at all. So I told her - don't want to try, don't buy!!!" Not cheap those dabai! Tak makan, tak mati pun! What a waste of money! So pissed off. Macam kaya sangat kamek tuk! Tak pun! :(

Ya, they say Sibu panggang, the best!

Ez Vina said...

Yes, yoi do that Sharon! But dabai is seasonal thou, hope it is in the season when you are here :)

Ez Vina said...

Hi suituapui, don't be pissed la, mauk makan mmg like that la, sometimes nice sometimes not.