September 23, 2014

Birthday Party 2014 for Eugene n Emmett

This year we celebrate their birthday somewhere not at home, partly because mummy is too lazy to clean up the house and partly is to have someone organise the activities/games for the kids.

So, let's enjoy the pictures.

The venue..

The decorations..

The Birthday boys..

The family..

The birthday cakes..

The food..
The games..

Birthday party at McDonald.
Kids are happy.
Mums are free ;)


Sharon D said...

Happy Birthday to your boys, Ez. I miss parties like these!

Tia said...

Happy belated birthday to your boys!
Love to see them having fun!

Rose said...

Great idea to source outside. My girl has been telling me in advance that she wants to have her birthday party in McD next year! Lol.

Rose said...

Happy birthday to your boys!

Ez Vina said...

Thanks Sharon, it was a great party with loud children laughter.

Ez Vina said...

Thanks Tia, yep they had so much fun.

Ez Vina said...

Thanks Rose, it is so convinient to organise party at places like this. No need to worry much about the food also, if not enough just reorder on the spot ;)

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

I should.try doing my son's birthday here too.

Ez Vina said...

Yup, you really shud ;)