June 24, 2013

Trip to KL - June 2013

Had a 2D1N trip to KL last week.

Flight to KL was a bit trembling, plus a young boy keep on kicking my seat from the back...grrrr
And no movie in that flight also...boring..

Stayed at my usual place, Cititel Midvalley, did some shopping but not much coz no sales at that time.
Had all my fav food, Nasi Lemak from Nyonya Colors, lots of Durian crepe from Durian-durian, and also the Lo Han drinks..ahhh..
Man Of Steel in Midvalley

Nice view from my bed.

On the next day, travelled to Ara Jaya for a 1-Day, 1 to 1 course.

Goodbye room 2136.

The course was ok, at least I didn't feel sleepy.
Had a nice Japanese lunch sponsored by the trainer; who happens to be the Director of the company.

Finished course at 5pm, my taxi was already waiting for me.
Luckily I had make the arrangement earlier, else would be very difficult to look for a taxi in that area.

Went to airport straight away to catch the 7.30pm flight.
As usual... flight was delayed until 8.10pm.

Flight back was pleasant, plus got movie..yeay.


Ms Tikot said...

Lamak dah kmk x stay kat mid valley...huhu...

Mummy Gwen said...

It was a short trip eh. I'm waiting for sales too hehe...

Ez Vina said...

Ms Tikot: kamek nang ke sia jak la slalu nya.

Mummy Gwen: yup, bizz trip, last year even worst, 1-day trip only.