September 21, 2016

Four Happiness Cafe

This is our 2nd time here.
The 1st time was in 2014, and that time it was called the Harbour Cafe; now the Four Happiness.

We ordered - Mee Sua, of coz.
This time we did not have to wait long, there were only a few people in the cafe, I wonder what happened, business not doing well?
For the Mee Sua, as you can see, the color is not that 'red', but you can add in the Red Wine on yourself, which I did, lots of it, and it tasted good.

Mee Sua - RM7

Roti bakar - RM1.50

Where have all the people gone to?


Sharon D said...

Funnily, I never order mee sua although I enjoy it every Chinese New Year at my MIL's place.

The floor looks wet. Hujan ke, Ez? Maybe rainy weather so less people came?

Rose World said...

I would prefer more red wine in my mee suah. And chicken all red from been cooked in wine. Dont think I have ever been here.

suituapui said...

Is this what was called the KTS wharf? Popular for Foochow delights. They have done up the place so nicely, I could hardly recognise it.

Ez Vina said...

Wah untung la you, got ppl preparr mee sua for you :)

Yes, it was raining earlier that morning if not mistaken.

Ez Vina said...

Ya me too Rose, but I find it hard to find really good mee sua in Kuching. Sometimes the noodle are just too lembik.

Ez Vina said...

Yup, this is the wharf area, this cafe already looks like this since my last visit in 2014.