August 23, 2016

HillTop, Damai Beach Resort

I have stayed in Damai Resort a few time in the past, but this is my 1st time staying in Hilltop.

The best part of staying in Hill Top is the view..

 Love the view from the balcony.

Here's the Hilltop Seaview Deluxe room..
And the washroom..
 The Resort has 252 spacious rooms and Suites in 2-storey buildings, chalets and ethnically-designed unit spread over its Beach, Hillview and Hilltop Wings.


Rose World said...

Stayed there once but many years ago.

Sharon D said...

Yeee..cantik oh. Just the kind of vacation I love - beach!

Ez Vina said...

Hi Rose, I think not much changes also la.

Hi Sharon, cantik, but I would prefer a direct access to the beach, can hear the sound of the ocean even better :)

Coffee Girl said...

Stayed there once many years ago too. Nice view and all, except going downhill have to use shuttle, too far to walk haha