August 20, 2016

Garden show, MBKS

Tomorrow is the last day for Kuching Festival 2016.
I have been to Kuching Festival Food Fair a few time in previous years.  Last Wednesday was my 1st visit for this year's and also mark my 1st time walking through the Garden show.

Some say this year's Garden show is not grand as compared to the previous years. Me, no comment on that but I kind of enjoy this little corner away from all the food and people at the food fair.  Small yet pleasant enough for me.

I especially love these recycle bottle flower pots.

Ok, what is a visit to Kuching Festival without browsing through the food stalls, right?
So here goes, seperti biasa, dah sampai sini mesti confuse nak makan apa, too much option spoil the appetite.

This time we had Mongolian Lamb satay, Fried mushroom, Egg tarts, BBQ chicken wings, nitrogen gas junk food (which I totally against it, but the kids were too excited to try out) and some Japanese food.

We went early and go back early to avoid the crowd.


Rose World said...

Did not visit it this year. Me too. I would not mind walk and enjoy the greenery.

Small Kucing said...

I would love to walk around there

Sharon D said...

I would have enjoyed coming here ..the food, the garden favourite stuff!