August 1, 2016

Summer Fruits in Keihanshin, Japan

Summer fruits in Kyoto...

Summer fruits in Osaka..

Lets see these Japan local fruits that I tried..
Apples - so juicy. The best apple I had in my life, so far. Price, 192yen each.
Peaches - honestly I never had peaches before, all the peaches that I saw in my hometown's supermarket are not that fresh/firm looking.  So my experience with peaches - Japanese peaches were indeed a memorable one. These are so much juicier that the apples.  I had quite a number of these peaches while in Japan, I even lost my voice on our last day there.  I think it must be due to all the yummyliciois fruits that I consumed, coz my hubby and kids, they did not have any sore throat symptoms.  Price range from 340yen to 1000yen each.
Strawberry - I read somewhere that says the Japanese strawberry are all red even in the inside.  So I Got to give it a try.  Yes its true.  Even the smallest and cheapest strawberry that I bought were all really red.  Price around 350yen - 398yen per packet.
Cherries - fresh, firm, sweet. Price range from 126yen - 590yen per packet.

Next, fruits that I didn't get to try...
Mango - 598yen  each.  Malas nak kotorkan pisau Aritsugu saya yang dah cantik dibulat, so I didnt buy these.  Rasa menyesal la pulak.  Price, 598yen each.
Watermelon - price between 390yen - 450yen per slice.

Banana - kesian, dah hitam dah pisang ni pun 100yen per plate.

Mikan - Japanese citrus, around 150yen-200yen each.

Kyoho - these are huge and expensive grapes, plus I have spent too much on peaches so I had to skip these.

Musk melon is also one of the famous summer fruit in Japan, they are quite expensive, I have tasted the fruit before, and I don't really fancy the taste, so I skipped these.

Ume - Japanese Apricots, I read that these can be quite sour, skipped these too.

Fruits, like any other things in Japan really make the trip (and the money) worth it.


Rose World said...

The fruits sure look good and fresh.

Coffee Girl said...

Red Strawberry! Pretty!

Sharon D said... tried all the red-red fruits. Is that your favourite colour? ;)

Ez Vina said...

Hi Rose, they are reallt fresh.

Ez Vina said...

Hi coffee girl, auk cantik kan, nang sikda lalu bahagian yang putih, sikda ku edit gambar ya, cuma polah terang sikit jak.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Sharon, now that you put it that way, then only I realise la. No, my fav color is not red, but I might be attracted to red without me knowing it. hmm.