July 25, 2016

Kuromon Ichiba Market, Osaka

Nishiki Market is known as Kyoto Kitchen, while Kuromon Market is known as the Osaka Kitchen.  I am happy to cross both of them out of my must visit places.

At Kuromon, we had the opportunity to try out their famous scallops.  And yes, they are so delicious.  I never tasted a scallop this good, the natural sweetness of the scallop and juice is making me so happy.  If you are a scallop lover, like me, this is a must try!

Price per scallop range between 800yen to 1200yen, depends on the size.  These are fresh scallops, still in their shells.  Those without the shells are cheaper.

Besides scallop, Kuromon are famous for Tuna, king crab, beef, takoyaki, fresh fruits and many more.  We also try the octupos with quail egg here but it does not taste as good as those in Nishiki market.

So here our pics and video in Kuromon Ichiba Market, Osaka.

Grilled Scallops..

Strolling at Kuromon Ichiba Market..


Rose World said...

Not a big fan of scallop but Iwould not mind trying the fresh sweet scallop.

Sharon D said...

It looks so good. I am salivating!
How exciting it would be if I could visit this market.

Small Kucing said...

Wow..am so jealous....so mamy yummy there

Ez Vina said...

Yes Rose, a must try, if you ask me ;)

Ez Vina said...

Hi Sharon, I love markets, as long as they are not smelly or fishy.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Small Kucinh, ya so much yummy food there, too bad time and money not enough.