July 15, 2016

Gion District, Kyoto

After a tiring morning walking up the hills at Kiyomizudera, we had an hour rest in the hotel room, then we brave ourselves for another long evening walk in Gion District.

Gion District is quite a tricky place to find, there are so many streets in the area and we were not sure which is which.  End up we only manage to cover the red (Hanami-koji) area.  We hope to cover the green (Shirakawa) area in the future, fingers cross, and also the Maruyama Park during autumn or spring, that would be nice.
We took a bus from Kyoto Station, same bus to Kiyomizudera, bus no. 100.  We passed by Yasaka Shrine, Gion Corner, and lastly Kenninji Temple.

Warning shaky videos ahead.
 Gion District,

Kenninji temple, Gion, Kyoto


Rose World said...

Visiting the park during spring or autumn would be lovely.

Merryn said...

I agree that you should go again during spring or autumn. It will be such a wonderful sight <3