July 4, 2016

In My Kitchen #39 | Fusion Salad

The weather was so hot over the weekend.  I need something cold for my afternoon salad.  This was what I come up with, homemade Fusion Salad.

What's in this bowl of goodness?
and serunding daging

Because I was too lazy to heat up the frozen bacon in the fridge, I just make use of the serunding that I bought from Emart Bazaar Ramadan, RM13 for that small container.  The salad was so good I finished this big bowl all by myself.

Happy tummy, happy me. 

I have 1 more of this delicious Australia avocado that I bought from Ta Kiong in my fridge, will make another bowl of salad today or tomorrow.

1 comment:

Rose World said...

I super love your fusion salad. Salad is so easy to make; can add whatever you want.