April 5, 2014

In My Kitchen #13

Nai Pak Choy (Sawi susu) with dried fish maw

Cangkok Manis with egg - Eugene's fav

Soup kampung style - meat + terung dayak + tapioca leaves + tempoyak

Kailan garlic - again - am loving this..

Fried Tenggiri and nuggets


Rose said...

I fried mackerel fish for dinner too. :)

All homecooked. Healthy and delicious.

trishie said...

Looks great! Reminds me of homecooked meals back I used to have back in Singapore

Ez Vina said...

I seldom cook at home, but when I do, I try to cook more veggie. I find that cooked veggie about is overpriced and sometimes overcooked.

Ez Vina said...

Hooo? So you can understand Malay language?

Tia said...

i can smell the s=oup kampung style..