April 30, 2014

Running Man

Anak-anak pun dah terjebak sama minat ngan Running Man ni.
Sanggup tak nak pergi tengok The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) Jumaat ni sebab nak tengok Running Man.

Ok, hujung minggu ni kita layan Running Man, only on ONE! 
  • Friday, 2 May 19:40
    EPISODE 168
  • Saturday, 3 May | 00:55
    EPISODE 138
  • Saturday, 3 May | 23:15
    EPISODE 137
  • Sunday, 4 May | 06:00
    EPISODE 168


Rose said...

Before Astro, my kids were crazy over Running Man. After installed Astro, they are not interested in it anymore. Prefer Disney Junior.

ez vina said...

I think my children are tired of cartoons already, now they join to to watch ONE.

Or maybe they have no other choice but have to join me ;)