September 11, 2019


Reggae genre holds a special place in my heart. The 1st music album that I ever bought was UB40. 

If I remember correctly, I was in Form 1 at that time. I find that the Reggae music is quite rare, you can hardly hear it playing on radio, that’s why I decided to buy the cassette. 

Mind you, it's not an easy decision, at that age, to choose between buying a cassette, good food, or new  clothe, tough decision you know :)

What we normally did last time was just buy a empty cassette and record the song from the radio. ohhh missing those days.

So when I found out that a Reggae band was going to perform at #RWMF2019, I make a note in my head that I must go and see their show.  For info, this is the 1st time a Reggae group performing in RWMF.

It was a great show on that day. Brings back my school time memories. Love it!

Thank you Macka B !

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