January 29, 2011

Hui Sing Hawker Center

Hui Sing Hawker Center is one of the oldest hawker food center here in Kuching.
Matterhorn drink and the pork satay the must try here.
Start operating around 5pm everyday.

Matterhorn drink (Meito Hon) - got nata de coco, pineapple, laici, cincau, green cendol jelly and lemon.
It is so refreshing.
In the opinion, the best pork satay in town, 50sen each.

This crispy tomato mee also not bad, it's Eugene's favourite.
We love this place, too bad they do not provide any baby chairs,
else we would have come here even more frequent.


Rose said...

Yes, no baby chair so not so convenient to bring my boy here. I love the kuih muih stall in front of the corner store there too.

Coffee Girl said...

Matterhorn! sedap nya bunyi. rupa pun sedap. Aku cerik sekali jak. lepas ya sikda masa nak ke sia agik.

lvynana said...

Rose: what a pity ho.

Coffee girl: apa gik pegi ke sia mlm tok, esok lusak dah mok tutup for CNY.