April 1, 2019

Shazam (2019)

Yesterday, after the morning mass, we went to watch Shazam. 
What a great way to end the midterm school holiday. 

I wouldn't say that Shazam is a great movie. 
The movie feels like a kid show to me. 
But, boy, I really had a good laugh. 
The jokes were good and spontaneous. I love it. 

Due to work commitment, we were not able to go for our vacation, yet again. 
But we had a food hunt adventure around town for the whole week. 
Yes, we did discover some new and exciting restaurant. 
We also revisit restaurants that we almost forgot about their existence. 

Emmett: This is the best school holiday ever! 
Mummy: What? Not even our Japan trips can beat this? 
Emmett: Ok, let me rephrase. This is the best school holiday in Kuching we ever have.
I happy that my kids had a good time.

Happy back to school everyone!


Rose World said...

Didnt go anywhere over the holiday. Lazy to venture out.

ez vina said...

I want to fly out, but money and time always not enough. sighh.