May 5, 2018

Foodcourt at Aeon Mall, Kyoto

Kehangatan Aeon Mall Kuching Central masih terasa, hari-hari aayik jem je kawasan tu, tapi hari ni saya nak cerita Aeon Kyoto, kita lupakan Aeon Kuching sebentar ya.

Aeon Mall Kyoto is located right next to New Miyako Hotel, use the carpark exit at New Miyako for nearer access rather than taking the main entrance of the hotel.

We had our meal in Aeon Foodcourt countless time during both our holidays in Kyoto.  Aeon Mall is a better option if you want to avoid the sea of crowd in Kyoto Station.

Here are the pictures of our tasty meal in Aeon Kyoto, from our Autumn 2017 visit.

Assorted tempura, and some kind for barley porridge.

Ramen, rice, katsudon, fried chicken, miso soup

And these yummylicous beef with rice.

A meal here cost around RM40 per set.

When you ordered, you will be given this device. The device will beep once your food is ready.

The 1st time we went there in Summer 2016, we were so sakai to see this automated soap dispenser.  Berkali-kali je anak-anak pergi cuci tangan.

Below are the pictures from our Summer 2016 visit.

Notice the different in photo's quality using iPhone 6 vs iPhone 8.


Rose World said...

Japanese food. I love all.

I just went to Aeon Kuching for first time yesterday. So packed.

Ez Vina said...

Wahh so tahan ar you, my legs are so itchy, we went almost every other day. Few time we have to u-turn back home bcoz the q to carpark is too long. Luckily hubby never complaint yet, he just drive😄