October 12, 2016

Facilities in Bako National Park

The HQ building, this is where you need to register once to reach Bako.

Kerangas Cafe at the HQ Building.


Our chalet for the night.  Cost RM75 per night stay.  With 2 big size rooms. 
Note that there's no electric kettle provided, so no point of bringing 3-in-1 drinks and instant noodle.  But rooms are equipped with a fridge, a clean tower per person, private bathroom, thin mattress and pillows.  Which is good enough for the price that we are paying.
Room 1
Room 2


Merryn said...

Can bring own jug kettle kan? Very reasonably priced, those rooms.

Sharon D said...

Not badlah the place. Am loving how cheap the rooms are. ^.^