October 18, 2016

Toilets in Japan

Viewer discretion is advised.

We often hear people brag about how clean and hi-tech the toilets are in Japan.  From what I experience in Kansai, the rumors are all true.  Lets see our washroom adventure in Japan..

1st encounter, toilet at the lobby of New Miyako Hotel, Kyoto.

2nd, toilet in our room at New Miyako Hotel.

3rd, toilets at Isetan, Kyoto Station.  This is the most hi-tech toilet among all that I've visited.  You can turn on the music (sound of flowing water), and can even control the volume.  To flush, you just have to wave your hand at the sensor on the side.

4th, toilet in our room at Fujiya Hotel, Osaka.  Small but clean.

 5th, toilet at Osaka Aquarium.  This one also got music/sound.

6th, toilet in our room at New Hankyu Hotel, Osaka.  This toilet is very similar to the one in New Miyako Hotel, just an order version.

Last but no photo, toilet in Kansai Airport.
What do these toilets have in common?  They are all clean, dry and have warmer/heated seat, water jet, bidet, and even deodorizer.

And what do you think of this automatic soap dispenser at the foodcourt in Aeon Mall, Kyoto?


Rose World said...

I would be enjoying my "private time" in their toilets. ^^

suituapui said...

I must say the public toilets at the market in Selangau here, such a small rural bazaar, are very very clean and nobody jaga - people will just leave their 20 sen coins on the counter and go in and use. Nothing like the ones in the big towns and cities...or KLIA/KLIA2...or even Kuching International Airport. Those are such a disgrace, really!

Sharon D said...

So impressive the toilets. I was catching up with the toilet cleaner at 1Utama last week and she was almost in tears! It seemed many ladies do not know how to dispose their sanitary pads and love throwing tissue on the floor. :P