October 4, 2016

Long and uneventful weekend

When others had an extra day off on Monday, my long weekend started from Friday.

It goes like this.. On Thursday noon I noticed some red spots on Eugene's face.  And I remember he had a mild fever the night before.  I straight away think, this must be chickenpox.  We waited for the clinic to open at 6pm and we went for his check-up and confirmed the infection.  The doctor gave him a 10 days Medical Leave, and lots of medications.

So, on Friday I took an emergency leave to stay at home with Eugene.  He seems fine other than a few red spots on his face and more on his stomach.  A bit of itchiness but nothing else.

On Saturday, we stayed at home most of the time. No swimming lesson for the kiddos.  I went for a not-so-relaxing-1-hour facial.

On Sunday, no Sunday class for them.  I am getting reckless, there's a lot of sales and promotions happening over the weekend, I need to go out.  Thanks to hubby and kiddos for driving Mummy around while they stayed in the car most of the time, and Mummy gets to do some fast track shopping.

I manage to cover, Vivacity, Boulevard, and CityOne. We did go to The Spring, but cannot find parking. My catch..

Does it look uneventful to you? I think I should change the title of this post :D

And I will be taking more leave this week to stay at home with Eugene.  Let just hope I wont end up somewhere else with more shopping bags in hand pulak.

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Sharon D said...

Looks like a fun-filled week ...but poor Eugene! Wishing him speedy recovery.