October 1, 2016

Oh my facial

I am quite sad today.
Because I lost my fav facial place.

You see, I am a loyal customer to this one facial place not far from my house.  I went there for my facial since the 1st year of their operation.  I even have an on-going package with them which I already paid in full.

After 1 and half month of absent, I come back for my regular facial.  To my surprise, they have changed the owner, the management, the staffs or whatever you want to call them.  But the place is still the same old place la.

So with an open mind, I just lay down and let the lady do her work.

Everything was ok, except that there's no steam, no shoulder massage, no eyebrows trimming, no neck mask, which was suppose to be included in my package, I did not even say a word of complaint about it.  I just think - new management, new style.

But what I really cannot stand was when she lecture me on using my phone while waiting for the mask to dry out.  Here's the thing, the mask takes about 25min to dry, the music was too loud, they were playing some pop songs instead of the usual relaxing music which I normally listen to at any other spa. How am I suppose to sleep!!

She told me, on and on, how using phone while on face mask is bad for my complexion. I had to stop her, twice! (From what I see, her complexion is NOT any better than mine).

I know that they own some kind of beauty academy, but I am NOT your student, I am your customer!  When I said OK, you better stop talking.



Rose World said...

Long time I did not went for a facial. The last one I had was in Sibu!!

Gosh. Bad customer service. The girl should politely tell you so, not keep on lecturing. Hmm. Usually when they put on face mask, they will also cover your eyes with the mask too. Yours, no??? Indeed I have to agree with you on the loud music. It is a big no no. Soothing music is acceptable here.

Ez Vina said...

No, normally they will put on wet cotton, which I will take off if I'm not sleepy.

suituapui said...

Oh? I heard once that when you have a mask on, you must not move a muscle, can't talk, can't smile, can't anything...or you will get a wrinkle on your face. LOL!!!

Ez Vina said...

Whatever it is, the way she talked just make my blood boiled.

Sharon D said...

My blood will boil too if that happened to me!
Here to relax but kena macam ini... -_-

Ez Vina said...

Ya la kan, up to me la if I want to use HP la, to dance ka, to do yoga ka, while on mask kan.