September 12, 2011

Eugene & Emmett's Birthday 2011

Menu on that day:
1. Mix vege
2. Stew chicken
3. Steam pork with salted vege + soy sauce
4. Steam fish
5. Pak lo Duck
6. Fen chang with pineapple

1. BBQ - Prawns + Chicken wings + Sausages + Fish
2. Fruits
6. Nasi putih
7. Baby Kailan + carrot

Next year nak order:
1. Mix vege
2. Fried chicken + lemon sauce
3. Steam pork with salted vege + soy sauce
4. Deep fried tilapia + sweet sour sauce
5. Fen chang with ginger + soy sauce
6. Emperor chicken

*Important tips, when cater for kids birthday party, must order an even number of dishes.


Coffee Girl said...

cute sekali muka emmet! haha. chubby! best juak menu2 ya. Bagus juak molah combined birthday tok oo, jimat masa dan tenaga. dan duit...

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow...the menu sounds good. Happy Birthday To Eugene and Emmett! What a grand birthday bash. Was that you in one of the mini pics?

lvynana said...

Coffee Girl: ya la objective utama nya tek, semua mok jimat, zaman gawat..haha

Mummy Gwen: oh no, that's my lovely niece; I dont look that young :)