February 16, 2015

My lunch | Mixed rice

This was my RM7 mixed rice for lunch in the office today.

Bought it from a Chinese stall at Green Road.
Didn't know that Chinese also serves/cooks yam stem.. yummy.
I only start enjoying yam stem for these past few years.  My mum used to cook it all the time.
I hated it but now I always look forward to this kind of kampung dish.


Rose said...

Now we are 1Malaysia. We learn other races food.

Sharon D said...

I love having mixed rice. It's convenient. :)

Ez Vina said...

Indeed, Rose. I also love indian n western food :)

Ez Vina said...

Agree, Sharon. I sometimes can be very greedy when come to choosing the dishes, all also want to try, end up have to pay more :(

Coffee Girl said...

Keladi masak belacan + daun kunyit for me is... pembuka selera. :-) Esp keladi manis ya, banyak dijual di wet market

Ez Vina said...

Belum pande ku masak ya, Coffee gal. Nok ne keladi manis pun x kenal. Klak ku berguru ngan mak ku lok.