October 28, 2015

MK Classico, Kuching

Our 1st time here..

Unique decor..

We ordered..
Pavlova - RM8
Price is definitely cheaper than those that I used to have in KL.  1st bite was heavenly with crunchy outer layer of the meringue.  But further in, you will get this hard rock sugar candy texture.  Sigh..

Red velvet cake - RM11
One word - too sweet.

We can't finish either one of the above.

For drinks, we had ice blended, mocha and cookies crumble, again too sweet, but taste good.

Ok, not really a good 1st experience for us, but we will come back to try their pancakes, looks great on their promo pictures!


Sharon D said...

I'm not a fan of anything too sweet either. Ugh, I can imagine!

Rose said...

I also not a big fan of sweet dessert but would not mind trying them out for 1st time. Hope you have a better experience in your 2nd visit. I have not been here.

suituapui said...

No pavlova for me - had that in NZ, so so so sweet but red velvet, I like!!! Love it!