November 23, 2017

Beijing 2017 | 1st meal - Seafood

From the airport we straight away go for food hunting, so here's my 1st meal in Beijing. 

At 2 am in the morning and the weather is so cold at 2 degrees Celsius,  the food taste so good!


Clam. Sweet, sour and spicy, so good.

Prawn, very fresh.
 I don't really like beer, I have tried few beers back home, but this Yanjing Fresh Beer is good, and it does taste refreshing. Goes very well with this bean curd skin cold dish.

In this restaurant, they serve the 'noodle tea', which is the hot water that they use to boiled/cooked the plain noodle (noodle broth). At the 1st sip, it kind of taste weird, but I grew to like it, now I am still thinking and wanting more of the noodle tea :D

What I learn from the local is that Beijing does not have their own produce, what more to say their own seafood, however, most of the major import/export activities take place in Beijing, so basically you can enjoy any type the fresh produce from all over China in Beijing.

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Sharon D said...

Arghhh... bikin lapar saja! Everything looks yummy.