February 8, 2018

68 Fruit Juice at Food Parade

Food Parade at Saradise, BDC, Kuching.

Pure fruit juice.

Everything avocado.
Mix and match, all at RM10.
My choice, red dragon + mango + avocado.
I would prefer it if I can taste more of the ice, biar dapat dikunyah-kunyah ice tu lagi syiok.


Rose World said...

Wonder how your juice taste like??

Ez Vina said...

It’s good, not too sweet, i like it, just wish I can taste more of the ketul2 ais.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Anything else over there?

Ez Vina said...

Banyak, kolo mee, ramen, chicken/pork rice, bubur, macam2 ada lah.