March 10, 2018

New Miyako Hotel, Kyoto (2017)

This is our second time staying at New Miyako Hotel, Kyoto.
The 1st time was in 2016.

This hotel is conveniently located at a walking distance from Kyoto Station.  Plus my boys really miss the audio in the elevator, so we decided to stay at this hotel again.

However this time we had to pay double the amount that we paid in summer 2016.
Coming to Japan in Autumn really put a big hole in our pocket, mainly due to the high accommodation rate.  But the scenery and the experience are worth the price, so, ya we would do it again if money-is-enough in the future.

Nuff said, let's enjoy the photos..

Our room

Breakfast vouchers, with 3 restaurants to choose from.

On Day 1, we went to the Kyoyamatoya Japanese Restaurant at the lower ground floor for an authentic Kyoto-style cuisine, obento breakfast. 

Basically we had, miso soup, salmon, taufu, rice, porridge, seaweed, yam ball and the most tasty pumpkin I ever tasted in my life - Kabocha no Nimono. 

On Day 2, we opt for Le Plaisir Restaurant, located on the ground floor.

On my plate, miso soup, bacon, sweet potato, mushroom, yam ball, lobster salad, pasta, and Kabocha no Nimono.

In my dessert bowl : fresh Japanese orange, more Kabocha no Nimono, and assorted dried fruits.

Goodbye New Miyako, till we meet again.


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

The name kyoto is famous. It was the place where countries around the world gathered at the round table to talk about global pollution.

Rose World said...

Autumn is the best and beautiful time to visit Japan.

Sharon D said...

The food looks really fresh and healthy - that's impressive! I'm loving the rooms here too, clean and the design is pleasing to the eye.