October 8, 2008


Criteria : Open throughout the year.

1. Q-dees, Penrisan

Half day – RM180 - until 11.30am – no meals

Full day – RM180 + RM350 = RM430..mahal ooo…

2. Q-dees, Jln Muda Hashim

Registration RM210 per year

Half day – RM270 – until 1.00pm – include breakfast and lunch

Full day – RM350 – until 6.00pm

3. Nuri, PJ

Registration RM790 per year

Half day – RM190 – until 1pm – with meals

Full day – RM380 – until 7.30pm

4. Abim, PJ

Half day – RM70

No Mandarin class and not suitable for non-muslim.

5. Sunny Hill

2-4 years old

Half day - RM200 1st month, RM120 following months

Full day – RM320 1st month, RM240 following months

5-7 years old

Half day – RM373 1st month, RM121 following months – 8am-11.30am

Full day – RM474 1st month, RM222 following months - 7.10am-5.30pm

Fees will be collected until Oct only, class until Nov, depends on school term.

For day care during school break, there will be different charges.

6. Smart Reader, Sg. Maung

Half day – RM250

Full day – RM430


Sumuk said...

so, apala decision tek?

lvynana said...

still hunting..:)

One Other ... said...

Eh, I tot Eugene is still a tot? going to kindy already? Time flies soooo fast....

lvynana said...

Eugene is 2+ years now, not sure either to send him to kindy next year, or the following year.