August 4, 2009

Confinement: Herbs & Drinks Pt.1

Things that I have prepared for my coming confinement period.

For bath:
1. Sisuoh leaves (thanks to my dear friend Mummy B for these)
2. Herbal bath - which I bought from chinese drug store
3. Amway herbal bath (also from a very dear friend)

For drink :
1. Pati Prune - RM22.90 - to prevent constipation
2. Pati Ikan Haruan - RM21 from cosway
3. Milo 3-in-1 with oat
4. Ginger with Honey

For cooking :
1. Chinese cooking wine - RM25 - 18% alchohol
2. White rice wine - 6 botols - RM5.50 each
3. Red rice wine

For dessert :
Rock sugar


eugene said...

Happy confinement..........

must take a lot of pictures to share with us ,,i mean new born babies la

lvynana said...

I will ;)

mumsgather said...

Wow! You are very hardworking. I just catered the food. :P

lvynana said...

mumsgather : where got hardworking, I got my mum n CL to cook for me; I just get ready with some of the things :D