August 11, 2009

Blood Test

As a pregnant woman, I’m required to go through a series of blood test. These test may be vary from the others. It’s all depends on :
1. Where you go for regular check-up
2. Your medical condition
3. Your family history

Here’s the test that I went through.

Haemoglobin 12.9 G/DL 11.5-16.5 (Reference Range)

Hepatitis Screen
HBS Antigen Nonreactive
HBS Antibody Nonreactive

Rubella IGB 124.6 IU/ML >10 IU/ML Indicates Immunity

VDRL Nonreactive
HIV I & II AB Nonreactive

Glucose Tolerance Test
Blood glucose
Glucose, blood (fasting) 4.3 mmol/L 3.9-6.1 (Reference Range)
Glucose, blood (2.0 hour) 6.5 mmol/L 3.9-6.7 (Reference Range)

Urine glucose
Glucose, urine (fasting) Negative
Glucose, urine (2.0 hour) Negative

Urine ketone
Ketone, urine (fasting) Negative
Ketone, urine (2.0 hour) Negative

Haemoglobin 13.3 G/DL 11.5-16.0 (Reference Range)


Ivy Metaga said...

hurmmm...kawan kmk yg tgh mengandung ya, mmg ada jadual utk jumpa doktor, and she always worried ttg berat badan, sebab kalo naik berat badan dgn mendadak, mst jumpa doktor hehe, kmk senyum2 jak tgk nya...

eugene said...

i say again,enjoy your pregnancy. Drink a lot of water,lo. dont go to public or crowded areas like shopping mall a lot ,ya? air is no good.

take care and happy for you

lvynana said...

Ivy : auk, mun naik mendadak gilak, takut kandungan gula lebih jak, mun gula maintain, sikda masalah bah. dont worry ;)

Eugene : yup, now most of the time stay at home, eat out also at open space with less ppl. Want to watch G.I Joe also cannot...huhu

Willie said...

Hopefully the results will be favourable.

Rose said...

Which gynae you used?? Private or policlinic??

lvynana said...

Willie : So far everything goes well.

Rose : Private.