December 14, 2009

Pullman with Hills shopping mall

Yet another new place in town, a new hotel with shopping mall,
the latest addition to Kuching’s skyline.

Pullman, your new address in Kuching.
visit for more info.


Jay said...

Cuti christmas nanti Jln2 cari mkn sia.

Merryn said...

goodie, new place to lepak :)

The Fleece Master said...

ne gambar dlm hotel pullman? sekda ka? ingin juak kamek nak nangga =))

cyrildason said...

bilanya bukak tek?

lvynana said...

Jay : Sila2, merry christmas.

Merry: indeed ;)

Fleece Master : cuba buka link ya, ada gambar dlm ya, kamek lum ambik gik.

cyrildason: udah soft lauch nak.

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