December 11, 2009

Emmett & Eugene at 3

Emmett at 3 months 3 weeks n 3 days
- having a mild cough
- can easily get diaper rash
- can hold his head but still not stable yet
- able to roll over one way
- hobby: watching his brother and daddy playing games

Eugene at 3 years 2 months 6 days
- getting better
- getting back his appetite
- fav computer game: transformers
- fav tv channel: TVIQ
- fav meal: chicken rice
- fav drink: chrysanthemum tea
- fav toys: B-Daman & Transformers


Ms Tikot said...

Ni latest photo Eugene & Emmet... Sharelah ;-)

cyrildason said...

Wahh.. suka TVIQ?? Bagus.. bagus.. bakal jadi org pandai.

the little prince said...

Emmet easily got diaper rash, is it due the the diaper, u may want to change to other brand!

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

helooo..first time visiting..
masuk blog ktk sebab tengok tgh browsing Ocean Beach Lundu..tengok ada geng blogger ctok Ms Tikot,Willie,Ivy..:)

lvynana said...

Tikot: erm..tunggu gambar christmas lok, biar nampak hensem anak2 aku..kiki

Cyril: suka TVIQ tp sik mok pegi skolah..camne mok pandai gia.

Little prince: currently using huggies n mamy poko, tried few other, still the same problem :( thought of investing more on cloth diapers maybe.

lvynana said...

Felicia: thank for dropping by :)