June 9, 2010


*Latest update 2013, this eatery is now closed*

Delizze at Premier 101
Great location, great place, great menu.
Hot dogPasta salad
Dah selesai kami makan 2 dish ni baru la waiter bagitau yang chicken cordon bleu dah out of stock..apsal la tak khabak awal-awal.

Cantik kan tempat ni.


Coffee Girl said...

Last photo, belakang sapa ya tek?

Anonymous said...

belakang budak kurus kering yg sik mok makan..ihiks..

Anonymous said...

are u fking serious?delizze happens to be best western rest in kch FYI i dont blame u for ur comments on delizze. ur a malay u don understand da qualities of western food.and for dat i pity u.tsk tsk. and btw delizze is packed everyday through its business hours.proves how rong u are abt dier food. so pls don be a criticize if u don have da qualities.