July 5, 2010

Gorgeous Tailoring Institute

Lot 520, Lorong 10, Off Rubber Road, 93400 Kuching
Tel: 082-416613

Registration fee: RM30
Monthly fee: RM40
2 textbooks: RM20+
Sewing kits: RM90

My classes are on every Saturday from 9am-11am.

**rates shown may be subject to changes from time to time


Coffee Girl said...

re brajar jahit ka dayung? ndai kurung sadi adop kah? hehe

lvynana said...

angan-angan tek mok polah baju kebaya sendiri bah, mala jak sik puas hati ngan jahitan org, mun jahit bagus sikit, harga pulak melambung..
life is a learning process tek nak ;)

Coffee Girl said...

benar ya... mun pandei molah dikpun kan best. polah dinner dress sekali. lounge suit juak. hehe

Anonymous said...

I'm interested to learn sewing and planning to take up some course too. How is your experience with the institution?Do they teach well? Will really appreciate if you can give some feedback.Thank you in advance.