December 29, 2010

Books/Novels (2010)

Books that I have read in 2010:-
Some read for the 1st time, some for the 2nd time or even for the 3rd time...
  1. Almost heaven - Judith McNaught
  2. Double Standards - Judith McNaught
  3. Kingdom of Heaven - Judith McNaught - For sale here
  4. Once & always - Judith McNaught (read twice)
  5. Secrets of a summer night - Lisa Kleypas
  6. Match me if you can - Susan Elizabeth Phillips - I think the title 'Perfect for you' is more suitable.
  7. Lady In Red - Karen Hawkins
  8. Midnight Angel - Lisa Kleypas- For sale here
  9. What I did for love - Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  10. This heart of mine - Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  11. Breathing room - Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  12. Whitney, My Love - Judith McNaught
  13. A Courtesan's Scandal - Julia London
  14. Tender Triumph - Judith McNaught - For sale here
Looking forward to read:
  1. Paradise, Perfect, Something wonderful and Remember when by Judith Mcnaught
  2. Only With Your Love and Dreaming of you by Lisa Kleypas


dewi_sue said...

fuuuuuuuuuuuu...jiwa romatika di amor duhal member ku tok...hehehehe

Jes Cantek said...
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winkyjess said...

how much is the tender triumph?do you cod?

lvynana said...

winkyjess : Tender Triumph RM22

lvynana said...

yes I do "cod" :)
email me at to discuss the meeting point. thanks.