December 22, 2010

1 day off

My most anticipated 1 day off goes like this..
8.00am - sent Emmett to babysitter house
9.00am - sent Eugene to the nursery, they are having a Christmas party today
9.10am - breakfast alone at Green Road
9.30am - reach home and did the 1st round of laundry
9.45am - start making cookies while waiting for the nearby hair salon to open
10.10am - off to the salon
12.20pm - to RHB Bank, Maybank - update SSPN account.
1.00pm - went to pick up Eugene from Nursery and meet Daddy at Tom Yam Goong for lunch
2.00pm - reach home, continue with the cookies
3.00pm - afternoon nap
3.40pm - 2nd round laundry
4.00pm - ironing while watching Dr. House in action.
4.30pm - cookies
6.00pm - pick up Emmett, dinner at mamak in 7th mile.
8pm - reach home, 3rd round of laundry, do this and that.
10.00 - call it a day
*update blog in between


Hazel said...

Merry X mas n happy new year!

Coffee Girl said...

Ai lom abis! lepas gi salon, apa gik?

lvynana said...

Hazel: same to you..

Coffee girl: petang ya Maxis broadband sik stable di rumah, lalu sik dpt update.