June 23, 2011

Presenting Yourself Powerfully

Workshop - Presenting Yourself Powerfully
Executive Presentation Coaching with Tina Altieri
20-21 June 2011
at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK)

Some addition info:
Who is Tina Altieri?
- Western Australia's most recognised media personalities
- Host on Channel 7
- News presenter
- married to a Singaporean

How was the workshop?
- The best I been through so far ( walaupun tak la banyak sangat presentation workshop yang saya pernah attend)
- What I like most are the useful tips that she's giving eg. How to handle difficult Q&A session, deliver negative news positively, create interest on any topic that are you about to deliver.
- How she makes the workshop very interesting + very friendly.
- And another very important one is the after-workshop added value. Dia siap suruh kami emailkan our intro speech so that she can make a comment on that. Best kan? Mane nak dapat personal guide macam tu.


eugene said...

Actually if this kind of workshops help to boost your confidence, then it is very very good but some only asking you to spend those extra money to enhance your beauty,,that not so good lah,,,,

sometimes confidence is to present yourself the best you can with whatever you have,,,

have a great weekend,,,

You can actually watch TV online, my son told me a few sites, i remember this one PPS or tonton.com.my

lvynana said...

Hi Eugene yes I know we can watch tv online, but with our current internet bandwidth (esp in kuching), it can be so frustrating.

As for the workshop on presenting yourself, I agree self confident is very important.

However during the workshop, we were taught on some important tips to handle difficult Q&A session, plus how to deliver negative news positively; which I find very useful.

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

HeLLo Ivynana,

Bagus juak attend workshop macam tok. I hope u bertambah confident bila membuat presentation.

Aku tok suka pergi workshop, bukan apa, sekali sekala lari dari kerja di opis. ahaks!

Merryn said...

Nice workshop. Surely you come out feeling so much better and confident kan? :)

Coffee Girl said...

Dayung, sapa Tina Altieri ya? bagus sik presentationnya?

lvynana said...

Willie & Merryn: feeling better + great - yes. More confident - oh well...I think I'll need a Psychiatrist for that ;)

COffee girl: dayung, I added some info in post, harap dpt menjawap soalan you.

Coffee Girl said...

Oh thanks... patut, aku jarang2 nanga channel 7.

lvynana said...

Coffee girl : bukan NTV7 ar, channel 7 dek australia, sorry info kurang lengkap..:D

Coffee Girl said...

hahah! ya LAGI la aku sik nanga! but thanks anyway