September 10, 2012

Enough of Singapore?

We wanted to try the lower-end market in Singapore.  So we went to Bugis Street mall, this place is very much similar to our Petaling street (the PJ boutiques).  There I met with the most unfriendly durian seller! The incident almost ruined my mood on Singapore's special day.  Now I really understand the important of the locals' attitude in tourism industry.
Bugis Street

Last year, when we were in Singapore, Emmett was at 2y2m then, 100% of the time we will be given a seat while in the MRT. That was one of the main reason why we came back again this year. This time around, at 2y11m, the percentage drop to 70%; maybe Emmett is getting too old and almost disqualified for that reserved seat.

Coincidentally, on both trips we have to buy a new pair of shoes for Emmett, last year his shoe had torn apart, while this year he lost one of it.

Have I had enough of Singapore?
Will I come back again next year?
I hope not, but if I do come back again, it will definitely for the special mee sua haha!

Latest update: Yup, we did come back in 2013, still not having enough of Singapore.


Willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Durian seller unfriendly? that's bad...

lvynana said...

auk, aku baru nak tanya harga, nya dah marah2, padah tanya pun bukan mok beli! Kali muka ku tok miskin gilak kali...mcm psycho pun ada juak..huhu