November 8, 2012

Wat Tan Hor and Pork Rib King

What is the different between Wat Tan Hor and Cantonese kuey teow? Honestly I dunno, or maybe they are referring to the same thing.

Whenever I'm in Malacca I will order Wat tan hor, and never Cantonese kuey teow.  While in Kuching, I'll have Cantonese kuey teow only. I think Wat tan hor is generally sticker than the Cantonese style. Nonetheless, both also taste great.

So this is what we had on our 2nd night in Malacca.
Wat Tan Hor

We also ordered this Pork Rib King, taste great and tender.
Pork Ribs King
This restaurant is located right next to Hallmark Hotel, not far from the Jonker Street.


Coffee Girl said...

I think its the same thing...

Dayung, have u tried the chicken rice ball in melaka? u shd

ez vina said...

Ya kan, sama kali..

Dah ku cuba chicken rice ball ya, nang nyaman, tp iboh imagine camne org polah ball ya la :P
Kali tok sik sempat kami mkn ya, byk glak option..huhu.