March 16, 2013

Emmett @ 3 years n 7 months

Emmett at 3 years and 7 months can express his imagination well.
He loves examine the sky and likes to name of sorts of images that he sees formed by the clouds.
Sometimes he sees fish, sometimes ship, sometimes water, sometimes even an ultraman, and etc.

He favourite imaginary friends would be the cast in the Upin Ipin show.
He communicates with them in Semenanjung language.

On health;  he is at 14.5kg.
He has been coughing for quite sometime now especially during the night time.
Last Tuesday, he developed a mild fever.
He can take medicine by spoon-feed, no more syringe for him.
He only take pink paracetamol, the orange one is too soul for his taste.

Overall, he is still Mummy's cheeky lil boy and he still refuses to go to school!

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