October 7, 2013

AMF2013 - my wristbands

I attended the very 1st Asia Music Festival (AMF) #AsiaMF2013 at Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club, Miri, last weekend.

Showing off my wristbands, I like the numbers.
Day 1 - 0002
Day 2 - 0022

Will there be another AMF next year?


Rose said...

I heard it over the radio over here. Make me wanna jump into plane and fly to Miri. Sibu so near to Miri lah!!! haha.

Never mind, hoping for next year. *fingers cross*

Btw nice wrist bands.

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah..nicelah..envy you lah. And nice wristbands too.