October 30, 2013

Pekan Lachau, Sri Aman

You will pass by this small town just by the road side if you are traveling from Kuching to Sri Aman.

Here you can find all sorts of jungle produce and local delicalies for sell.
All types of salted and salai fish.
Local or dayak ginger are selling between rm6-rm8 per kg as compared to RM10+ in Kuching.


The Bidayuh call this red fruit buah sigongang.  My mum used to dry the skin and make it as asam keping for cooking.

Kuini and mempelam mangos are plenty at this time around.
This is a sarang semut / ant's nest.  It is believe that this can cue many types of disease especially for diabetic patients. The one on the plate cost RM5, those in the packet cost RM10 each.  To consume it, just boiled it in hot water and drink it.  I didn't buy any of this, interesting but don't dare to buy yet.

Besides food, local handicrafts can also be found here.

We also had lunch at one of the corner shop here.

This is ikan tapah cooked with black soya sauce and ginger.  The fish meat is so fresh and yummy.  According to our guide, this is a must ordered dish if you are here, along with the other wild exotic food like wild boar and tortoise.  The midin we bought it from the market for RM3 and get the restaurant staff to cooked it with belacan - shrimp paste.

 ohh..they said that you have to try the coffee here in Lachau too, it is produced locally.
So I ordered this kopi-peng. 
 The coffee taste is very strong.  I don't really know much about coffee, I'll just reserve my comment on this.
Stop by and try to out for yourself.


Coffee Girl said...

On the coffee part... serious kah? ok then i better stop by someday and try it. Thanks for the heads up!

Ez Vina said...

Coffee Girl: serious, itu yg guide kami bagitau la. Kapi ya rasa macam 'kopi taik' kata orang kampung, or kopi timbang. Ada rasa serbuk2 nya.