November 17, 2013

SEB family Day

Last saturday we attended SEB's family day at Damai Resort.

The kids were having so much fun.

Look at that, a titanic sink at Santubong sea.  According to a staff here, the ship was there since December 2012.  The ship was supposed to deliver stones to Bintulu.  I dunno what's going to happen to that ship, hope its not going to stuck there forever.

Around noon time, Eugene starts complaining having sore throat.  I gave him some panadol syrup.

The next morning when he woke up, we noticed that his upper lips was a bit swollen, and some itchiness on the ankles and feet.  He bring him to Bibiana Teo' clinic.  Dr. Teo said that's scarlet fever.

After 1 round of antibiotics his fever and the swollen lips were gone.  Now still have slight reddish and itchiness at some parts of his body.


debdesq said...

aduyaiii.. impress aku nangga ship ya.. apahal laaa org biarkan kapal ya sia?huhuhuhu...

Ez Vina said...

deb: mula terkejut juak ku nangga kapal ya. Merosakkan pemandangan :)

Kali sik daknya tarik, mahal bah cost tarik. Tapi pihak berkuasa patut buat something la kan.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

nice place to hang out tu bah.