October 17, 2014

Shopping.. but not in Langkawi

Today, we are supposed to fly to Langkawi for our 3rd gate-away in 2014.  However due to the route suspension between Kuching-Langkawi, we are stucked here in Kuching for the weekend.

This Langkawi trip was a most anticipated one, I had planned a complete shopping list of must buy things in Langkawi.  The list consist of kitchenware, glasses, sport wear, beach wear, chocolate, wine, etc.

I was very disappointed when I got the message from AirAsia in July saying that our flight is being cancelled.  Of coz they did offer us for a re-route thru KLIA2.  But I rather not waste our time and energy to take the connecting flight for the trip.

Now,  let see where should I go and mend my broken heart tomorrow? Spring? Merdeka Plaza? CityOne? Zalora? Lazada? Hmmm..


Rose said...

Oh dear. Did Air Asia refund you in the end?

Poor girl. Let go shopping in Kuching. Have a great shopping weekend, my dear.

Ez Vina said...

Yup, they did refund me, that money enough for me to do shopping in Kuching. *trying to stay positive*

Coffee Girl said...

At least they refund kan. That never happened to me, if it did, id be pissed. Anyway Plaza Merdeka ada sales ku nanga riya. :-)

Ez Vina said...

Apa boleh buat la dayung, nak benda murah camtok la risiko nya. Besides this is quite normal for new route which is still under market survey/testing period.

Tapi mmg frust la, dah semangat mok shopping di Langkawi.