January 29, 2015

Awah Cafe @ DBNA, Kuching

Awah Cafe is located at DBNA headquarters at Jln. Kumpang, Kuching.

This cafe not only serves authentic Bidayuh cuisine, but chinese style food as well.
Last week we went there for dinner, we had the usual kids choice..

Cangkuk manis with egg - Eugene's favourite.

Chicken lemon, kami request lemon sauce diasingkan, sebab Emmett tak suka sauce.

Pork with daun bandung.

Local rice - padi huma

I'll reserve my comments on this cafe coz it is own by my sister and her friends.  You will have to check it out yourself and try their Bidayuh signature dishes such as Sambal Serai, Soup Terung Asam and preserved pork too.

The cafe opens daily except on Sundays.


Rose said...

I saw the road sign of this cafe whenever I pass by the Jln Laksamana Cheng Ho. Wonder where is the cafe.

Ok, now I know what food it serves. Will try one day.

Tia said...

I love the food. Been there 3 times already....
So the tauke noe is ur sister...hahahaha. Chatted with her the other day.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Rose, give it a try ya ;)

Ez Vina said...

Hi Tia, one of the taukey is my sister, not sure the one that you chatted with is her or not. Tp mun muka agak2 sama, dia la tu :)

Emily Tang said...

a great place to hang around indeed

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

My son suka cangkuk manis..

Sharon D said...

I will have to keep a list of these restaurants! Always nice to try very local food! ^.^

suituapui said...

Been there, ate some pretty good stuff there...and blogged about it:

Ez Vina said...

Hi Suitaupui, yup, read your blog d, saw them share your post on their FB too.